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Cravingly Good

Cravingly Good is an artisan producer of Vegan, Plant-Based bakery products.

Founded by Street Brands Lab, we felt there was a need to innovate in the bakery space. Traditional bakery products just could not meet the needs of the customer who were looking for products that were free from top allergens while having the taste profile of traditional bakery products.

We did just that – with no compromise on quality and sensory. We delivered a product that can meet all your cravings, while ensuring you feel good.


Cravingly Good is sophisticated, sustainable, confident, vibrant, healthy and fresh. These were our guiding pillars as we formulated the product and designed packaging.

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    Cravingly Good

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    Branding + Website Design

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I offered a comprehensive suite of services to "Cravingly Good," a charming muffin company nestled in Montreal. To begin, I crafted a visually enticing and mouthwatering logo that captured the essence of their homemade, locally sourced muffins. This logo served as the cornerstone of the brand's identity, instantly conveying the irresistible quality of their products.

In addition to the logo, I developed a suite of brand assets, including custom graphics, a vibrant color palette, and typography that resonated with Montreal's food-loving community. These elements harmonized to create a cohesive and memorable brand image.

For their online presence, I designed and developed a user-friendly website that showcased "Cravingly Good's" delightful muffin offerings. The website allowed customers to explore flavors, place orders, and learn about the brand's commitment to using local ingredients. This digital platform not only enhanced accessibility but also positioned "Cravingly Good" as a top choice for muffin enthusiasts in Montreal, contributing to their growth and success in the local culinary scene.