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Jon Moyal is a matchmaker. Sometimes his matches fall in love. Often times, they collaborate on great causes. Every so often, they create masterpieces.
After over ten years in non-profit arts & culture, he founded Pearlstar, a consulting agency specialized in guiding and strengthening organizations at the intersection of business & the arts. His unparalleled talent and passion for bridging linguistic and cultural communities via the arts made him instrumental to Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebrations as well as in his work with some of Canada’s most iconic institutions.


He is president of the board of POP Montreal, is acting Executive Director of DestiNATIONS and a member of the board of Million Peacemakers, with whom he also trained as a coach and peacemaker.

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I provided a complete branding and web design package for "PearlStar," a peacemaking company. This included crafting a meaningful logo that embodies their mission of peace and unity, along with creating a consistent brand identity through custom graphics, a serene color palette, and purposeful typography.

For their website, I designed a user-friendly platform that showcases "PearlStar's" services and resources related to peace and conflict resolution. This comprehensive branding and web design work helps "PearlStar" effectively communicate its mission, making a positive impact in the field of peacemaking and promoting understanding among its audience.