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JpMadeIt is a meme page that's all about Montreal and making you laugh. From poking fun at the city's unpredictable weather to sharing relatable moments of navigating the metro, we're here to add a dose of humor to your Montreal experience.


Join us for a daily dose of funny, as we celebrate all the quirks and charm of this great city, one meme at a time.

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I provided comprehensive branding services for "JpMadeIt," a dynamic meme Instagram page that thrives on humor and relatability. My work centered around crafting a captivating and instantly recognizable brand identity that resonated with the platform's audience.

To kickstart the branding process, I designed a distinctive and visually engaging logo for "JpMadeIt." The logo encapsulated the essence of the page, exuding a sense of humor and creativity that perfectly represented the content. It served as the anchor of the brand, offering an immediate visual association for followers and potential fans.

In addition to the logo, I meticulously developed a cohesive set of brand assets, including custom graphics, a vibrant color palette, and typography that conveyed a playful and relatable vibe. These elements were thoughtfully selected to establish a consistent and memorable brand image, ensuring that "JpMadeIt" stood out in the crowded landscape of meme pages.